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Hillway Surgical Models Home Page
Welcome to the Hillway Surgical Ltd Web Site
We are a UK company based in the south of England, established in 1989.

We make advanced models for surgeons and practitioners to rehearse surgical procedures. These models are clean and simple to use anywhere. They eliminate the need to use cadavaric (human) specimens and all the complex "wet lab" equipment, for most procedures.

A Knee A ShoulderHillway Surgical Shoulder
A Head PelvitrainerModels

Aorto-Iliac Arterial Models

There are great expectations worldwide as to the future of surgical simulators. At this stage, we are proud to present a range of models which fulfill the needs of surgeons in training in a range of specialities in as accurate a simulation as current design and materials can provide.

Hillway Surgical Models are used at the Royal College of Surgeons in London and many other prestigious Surgical Workshops worldwide, as well as many individual hospitals, enabling training at any site.

Where appropriate, all parts of our models are sacrificeable and replaceable so they may be used many times. Pathological states can be easily reproduced in the models.

In the product section you will find details of our current range including their suggested uses as follows:

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Hillway Surgical Model Range
, Shoulder, Head, Endoscopic, Aorto-lliac Arterial

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