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A new concept in Surgical Training

Hillway Man, two years in development, acts as a bridge between the textbook and human surgical procedures. Unlike cadaveric specimens it may be used more than once. Hillway Man combines the skills of a leading surgeon, a professional sculptor and an expert in state-of-the-art plastics mouldings.

The result is a dynamic anatomical model with true-to-life features, weight and feel.

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Skin: The material used has the correct "feel" and compliance for handling and the positioning of surgical instruments.

Mouth and Nose: In the mouth the correct adult dentition is provided and all airways are anatomically correct and patent. The tongue, soft palate and uvula are present.

Neck: The seven cervical vertebrae are held in normal flexion. The spinal cord, nerve roots and vertebral arteries are present. For simulated transoral odontoidectomy replacement "snap-in" components are provided for the arch of C1 and odontoid peg for use after the originals have been drilled away.

Skull: The bones have been individually sculpted for anatomical accuracy. The "bone" material may be drilled in a similar way to real bone.

Brain: The material used to simulate brain tissue
has a soft feel and may be retracted. Vertebral arteries, circle of Willis and internal carotid arteries are present.


Anaesthesia: Hillway Man is ideal for 
practising naso-tracheal and oro-tracheal intubation techniques. The model closely conforms to human pharyngeal anatomy with a realistic shape, feel and weight with obvious advantages over its closest alternative.


Surgery: Hillway Man was originally designed for practising transoral-surgery in conjunction with posterior occipital/vertebral stabilisation. The "bone" material reacts to being drilled in a similar fashion to real bone. Each model is supplied with "snap-in" replacement odontoid peg, arch of C1 and clivus components. Other surgical techniques involving the head and neck are possible


Dental Surgery: Hillway Man has full adult dentition securely anchored in both upper and lower jaws. The teeth may be drilled out or removed and replacements are available. The feel and compliance of the lips and cheeks are very close to the human anatomy they simulate.



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